Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Frederick Hart Exhibition - A Singular & Major Force

We’ve noticed that most art collectors tend to follow the historic direction in moving toward three dimensional elements as a compliment to canvas art. As art collectors ourselves, the Cutter Family has experienced first-hand the joy that Frederick Hart bronze sculpture provides. It is interesting to note that Hart’s life-long dedication to the principles of beauty, truth and goodness now provide as his unique legacy to the world a body of work that is uplifting, spiritual, and forever giving. Remarkably, Hart’s sculptures have achieved prices as high as $1.3 million, while collecting begins at a modest price of $2,400. As a National Medal of the Arts award winner, Frederick Hart achieved great fame during his lifetime and the posthumous accolades have continued. This exhibition of Hart’s work has been planned to expose every art collector to something of heirloom significance for their families and is intended to provide collectors an encounter with over 80 of his bronze and acrylic masterpieces including several major masterworks and monumental/life-size sculptures. This exhibition will be fun and historically significant, providing collectors with the opportunity to gain further knowledge regarding this true American Master. Please join us for this beautiful journey.

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